Lung Cancer Symptoms In Women
Lung Cancer Symptoms In Women

Protect Yourself By Knowing The Lung Cancer Symptoms In Women

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Do you know the lung cancer symptoms in women? When the matter at hand is your own health, you should know that in order to protect yourself you must always pay attention to your body. Doctors are the ones who can diagnose any issues that you may have, but you know your body better than anyone else. You will know before anyone else when there is something wrong, even before symptoms that are visible can show up. You can just feel that something is wrong or “off”.

Therefore, it is also important for you to know the early symptoms of diseases that can be difficult to detect but can actually be a sign that there is a medical problem that is serious happening to your body. It is also important to know that sometimes the female bodies show symptoms that are different compared to male bodies.

Lung cancer causes more deaths in women than other types of cancer, but only a small number of women know the symptoms of lung cancer, especially the symptoms that are specific to women.

Shortness of Breath

All of you must know how shortness of breath feels like, but you usually feel it after you have done some heavy exercise or physical activities. However, if you feel it even when you are just getting out of bed, it can be a sign that you have a serious respiratory problem, and it is one of the early symptoms of lung cancer.

Constant Coughing

Go for a checkup to the doctor if you experience coughing that seems like it will not disappear and instead only gets worse with time. Having coughs that constantly happens is one of the early signs of about every type of lung cancer and you have to be aware of it as one of the lung cancer symptoms in women.


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