Extend Nutrition Bars
Extend Nutrition Bars

Delicious Extend Nutrition Bars

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Extend Nutrition Bars is a beverage for diabetics. These nutrition bars are capable of alternatives for diabetics who want to taste the sweet snack but keep the sugar levels. The nutrition bars can maintain diabetic sugar levels for approximately 9 hours.

The sugar-free and low sugar bars

Extend is a snack that gives energy for 6 hours more. This beverage is available in two variants, the sugar-free and low sugar.

1. Sugar-free bars

This is a snack made especially for diabetics who have high sugar levels. Diabetics can make these sugar free bars as an alternative food to increase energy. Although sugar-free, does not mean that this food has a good taste. The sugar-free bars still have a good taste, though not sweet. This food is only for snacks, not as a substitute or main meal.

2. Low sugar bars

This is a variant that has a good taste. Diabetics can really enjoy good food. Diabetics can feel sweet; something most avoided by all diabetics. The low sugar bars have a very large variety of flavors.

The flavors

Extend bars have several varied flavors. Extend combines chocolate with some nuts and fruits to get a taste that will surely be well liked by consumers. Yogurt and lemon are the most popular variants. In addition to yogurt and lemon, there are several other variants that can certainly be enjoyed by people with diabetes. There are several other flavor choices like chocolate and some fruit flavor. Consumers can also purchase the Intro pack; a package of Extend bars consisting of 9 bars with different flavors.

There is also a premium package consisting of 15 bars with flavors that can be tailored to the wishes of consumers. Extend bars not only can be enjoyed by people with diabetes, this beverage can also be enjoyed by anyone. The Extend Nutrition bars you can use as a healthy snack that can provide energy as well as keep you from the risk of diabetes.


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