Has anyone ever survived stage 4 lung cancer
Has anyone ever survived stage 4 lung cancer

Has anyone ever survived stage 4 lung cancer?

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Has anyone ever survived stage 4 lung cancer? If you or someone you know suffered lung cancer at stage 4, do not lose hope. There are many people who were in the same position as you. They keep struggling and as the result, they could survive from this deathly illness. Who are they?

Dr. Michael Weitz

Cancer does not choose whoever who would be its victim. Even a doctor could not be exceptional. Dr. Michael, an emergency room physician also attacked by this disease. He was 49 at that time and diagnosed to have only 4 to 8 month left. In those times, he and his wife became the strongest husband and wife to fight against lung cancer.

Virginia Purdy

Her story began at the beginning of 1999. She only felt some troubles with an uncomfortable feeling of her shoulder. Then she checked it to the doctor. The result was very surprising for her. She had a lung cancer even though she had never smoked before. She did many kinds of treatment. She was sure that the cancer was gone.

However, in 2007 she started to have an unusual cough. Then she decided to visit a doctor. Apparently, the lung cancer came back. She was in a big shock when she knew that at that moment, the cancer was in the fourth stage. She had three tumors in her lungs also bone cancer in her back. It was such a little hope for her to survive.

However, she held that little hope and made it as her strength. She took everything she could to get rid of those illnesses. She had four chemos and she needed to do all of these. Now she could share her laugh with her beloved people even with the routine to visit the doctor.

We hope that this example could satisfy your curiosity regarding the question of has anyone ever survived stage 4 lung cancer.


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